Sacramento Candidate and Campaign Staff Operations Training

January 28th and 29th, 2016

Sacramento Central Labor Council.  

Training Flyer           Agenda          Application

After the 2014 election cycle, SNOPAC conducted interviews with candidates and their staff, county party chairs, donors, consultants, activists, and labor leaders. These interviews were held to analyze shortcomings in specific campaigns and to identify opportunities to improve electoral results in 2016.

Voter turnout, fundraising constraints, issues with consultants, lack of economic messaging and poor communications were common problems. But in every interview, one common thread stood out: the lack of trained, regional campaign staff has resulted in an unhealthy reliance upon outside consultants, and sometimes creates disconnect between campaigns and their districts. Simply stated, in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada, our opponents usually have local campaign talent-and we generally don’t.

We are going to change that for 2016.

There are several sitting Supervisors and City Council members that can trace their success, in part, back to our organizer and campaign trainings, and subsequent SNOPAC recruitment and campaign assistance.

If we are to shift the political landscape, Candidate and Campaign Staff Operations Training is a critical step and everyone has a stake: labor, environmental and social justice non-profits, PAC’s, pragmatic progressives, donors and the Democratic Party.

It will begin the process of training activists and those interested in careers as local and regional campaign staff, people connected to their geographies by family and issue. Our goal is to turn out professional campaign staff, people who can work full time or cyclically in field operations, communications, volunteer coordination-and campaign management. You do not need to be currently affiliated with a campaign to be accepted into the training.  Click here for an application.

Recruitment for these trainings comes primarily through allies: labor, the Democratic Party, political organizations, conservation organizations, and social and environmental justice advocates.

We encourage other organizations and campaigns to partner with us on these annual trainings, to nominate promising individuals and organizations for participation, participate in the training—and help us identify and train future political leaders.

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